Autoloot Games Ltd. is born from the dream and hopes of passionate game developers to make games where content is of paramount importance.

Our goal is to make RPG games fully packed of exciting adventures, combats, and absorbing storylines. Even there’s always room for innovation, we are fond of traditional key elements, like a nice story and setting, unexpected events or the excitement of completing a challenging mission to know what’s next on that plot that intrigues you so much, all topped with a roleplay element that imbues everything as your player progresses through a self-chosen path and skills.

First and foremost, we are old school gamers, a school that gave birth to outstanding games such as Baldur’s Gate, Neverwinter Nights, Dungeon Siege, Elder Scrolls… We sadly believe that something essential these masterpieces displayed has been lost nowadays… that’s the feeling of living a good adventure and the enjoyment of progressing your character while you went to sleep thinking on what the best game strategy would be on the next game session…

To bring this unsual introduction to an end, we’d like to address to you, dear reader, and tell you one thing: we’ll try our best to surprise you and provide you with games you can truly enjoy.

Soon we’ll let you know about our projects and keep you updated from that point on.