Fire Emblem Heroes: Getting Started with 5 Star Heroes

Fire Emblem Heroes

Fire Emblem Heroes is being a success in downloads and revenue, offering us a tactical RPG title with the characters we already know from previous games in the series. The problem is that there are many different tier heroes, and it’s not at all easy to get the best characters. To start well, today we tell you how to start with 5-star heroes.

How to get 5 star heroes

The first thing is to start the game and get the 20 gift orbs after completing the tutorial and receiving the initial gifts. However, as we already told in our tips to begin, it is advisable to wait to have 20 orbs to start an invocation session, as the price of each additional hero decreases.

That is, if we want to maximize the results of each invocation session and receive 5 different heroes, we will need the 20 orbs. Simply start the game and skip all the sequences to get to the menu quickly. There we will get the 20 orbs to do the trick.

The next step is simply to initiate an invocation and get the first 5 heroes. The idea is that from that invocation we get the heroes of 5 stars (depends entirely on the RNG), so if we have not got the best heroes, just leave the game and delete the data to repeat the process.

Here it is very important not to connect our account with the Nintendo ID until we have done this trick to get 5-star heroes. If we link our account, the progress will be saved, so that we will stay with the heroes that we have achieved in that first invocation.

With a little luck we will get heroes of five stars, although getting several 4 stars does not leave us in a dramatic position. Keep in mind that getting the first 5 5 star heroes each is tremendously complicated, so we can repeat the process to try to pull out 1 or 2 top heroes.

When we are satisfied with the results of the RNG and the heroes that you provided us with that first invocation, it will be time to link the game with our Nintendo account so you do not miss the progress. Until then, we can erase progress and repeat the trick as many times as we want.

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