Mass Effect Andromeda will have more conversation options


Many are going to be the innovations brought by Mass Effect Andromeda in its premiere on March 23 (United States), such as Tempest and Nomad, which underpin the first open world in the saga. Another novelty is at odds with the system of dialogues, and is that the hitherto seen in the saga has been completely discarded.

In previous releases also changed some things, but this system of dialogue remained intact during the three titles of the Shepard saga. It consisted in responding and taking actions that gave us points of rebellion or virtue. This is how we formed Shepard’s personality and made it our own, and having one or another personality was vital in order to make some key decisions.

Andromeda’s new dialogue system

The developers thought that this binary system had no more sense in Andromeda, where they want to give much more possibilities to the player, and although the protagonist is still anchored only to the brothers Ryder, do not want these have a personality so marked start.

In Adromeda we will have more options, that is, more psychological profiles to which we adhere. A system that, however, has little again in Bioware, because we had already seen it recently in Dragon Age Inquisition. We do not know yet whether to take one or the other way will satisfy and disgust the crew members as it did in Inquisition, but we can imagine how it will be.

It’s good news for the Mass Effect universe to flee binary systems, just as it would be for any game, especially when it comes to an RPG. With the four types of answers we will have, we will have more freedom during our games. It is also an idea that greatly enhances the replayability of a base title with a fairly high replayable component.

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