Enjoy epic bouts with Super Pixel Heroes


The pixel style has always been fashionable in video games, even now, that the industry trend is to make the titles incredibly realistic. With this premise today we present you Super Pixel Heroes, an arcade fighting title in which we manipulate pixelated creatures to hit us against other creatures and accumulate victories.

Unmatched pixel style fights

The controls of Super Pixel Heroes with very simple, thought so that we can enjoy combats without much history of buttons by means. If we press the screen with our left thumb, we will block the attacks. On the right side of our device, we can press the screen to punch, or scroll to the right to kick.

During the course of each combat we will have to hit the enemies to make their pixelated cubes come off. After a few blows will lose legs and arms until his torso remains with his head, ending the fight. But be careful, because when they hit us, we will also lose members of the body.

One of the funniest parts of Super Pixel Heroes comes when we defeat the enemy pixelated hero, as we perform an attack as a shot. Each hero has a different final attack, so the more we unlock, the more shots we’ll see. Of course, the heroes also have special abilities, which will be unlocked as we go along.

All combats are made in retro style arenas, and with each of our victories we will win coins. Coins serve to access boxes of different types – common, rare, epic and legendary – that come with parts of heroes. Once all the pieces have been obtained, we will have access to that hero.

Below we leave the download links to the game developed by Reliance Big Entertainment UK Private Ltd.

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