How to get the Barbarian King in Clash of Clans

Barbarian King

In Clash of Clans there are many strategies to be a good fighter that, combined with advanced techniques of defense, will allow you to win in numerous bouts. This mobile strategy game has managed to get very high in the talk and, as far as we know, has no intention of getting off for a while.

If you want to have good components in your team soldiers will not arrive, at certain times we will need heroes like King Barbarian. This character can be bought in the Shop where he puts Army for 10 thousand drops of dark elixir. It will be available from level 7 City Hall, although to buy the dark elixir piercer we will need to be at least level 8. If you want to get the king without climbing the town hall you will need to steal all the resources of other players.

Then open your ears well because I bring you a technique that will allow you to get all that dark elixir you need. First you must raise the trophies to be able to attack strong players with city hall at level 9, which have their villages very developed and are gathering large amounts of dark elixir to improve the Queen of Archers. Most of the time these users try this coc hack tool will have the store of dark elixir quite careless, no matter that you lose the battle, your objective will be to go with Wall breaker and Goblins to that elixir.

If your rival has chosen to put the dark elixir store in the middle, it is best if you use the lightning spells that will go directly to that store. If you have the town hall at level 7 and the rival at 9, for example, you can steal in an attack a thousand or two thousand drops of dark elixir (assuming that store has resources). This technique will also help you to destroy the town hall and not lose too many trophies (for continuing to look for the same type of enemies) while your elves run fast and steal resources to the maximum.

What did you think of this strategy? It is a bit tedious and can bring you more of a headache but it will allow you to get the King Barbarian and, when you have it, this hero will give you a great superiority in the battlefield that will allow you to destroy the rivals that are to the same Level than you.

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