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Reusing resources in a small game

One of the most difficult challenges is making the most out of game resources. This isn’t a problem for big videogame companies. However, for us it means analyzing the way we design each element.  It means planning how to best use all in-game stages and  paths the player will follow to move the story forward. We must also do a thorough job to design more enemies, items, quests, behaviors, etc … and all this without skyrocketing the budget.^^

I love having many items so we are working on a random generation system of equipable objects. This will allow having thousands of combinations. Other system we are making for other types of objects also allows a great variety in the drop of the enemies, which is crucial for me: I love having an inventory full of potions, scrolls, objects to trade, weapons, armors, etc. …  what would a RPG be without our player’s backpack full to the brim?. And of course I do not like getting always the same items. I love getting items that I haven’t seen before and I don’t know what their purpose is. :)

Gear-wise, we are designing various types of items: magic ones, special ones, artifacts. Each one has qualities and features that make them unique. The concept of equipment that gives the player more chances for getting magic items is something that I love much so we’re going to work on it.

As James Ohlen, creative director at Bioware says, people crave for stories. The Dark Triad will be driven by a fascinating and immersive story. We also want players to create their own stories, like beating a record of combats or other achievements, solving complex puzzles, etc … We want to be sure that the player forgets about getting up for popcorn or coke (you should have thought about it before!). Above all, we want to make a memorable and funny game … with limited resources though.

Therefore, reusing resources is something crucial.

In my opinion, a good start is having a good story and puzzles, also aesthetically better and funnier combats. I’d love to design hundreds of enemies and puzzles… or thousands… but at least we need to create enough elements so the player feels there’s a huge variety of them. To achieve this with minimal resources we need to create a lot of content. That’s our goal ^ ^

The way for reaching this is identifying common and reusable elements, planning strategies for game elements designed with low implementation in other areas (sound, graphics, code…) and thinking on how to make that “a bit” seem to be “a lot”… This is a great challenge for us and we are working very hard on it, because it will provide us the key to turn a small game in an awesome one. That’s what we seek in Autoloot Games

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